Here are links to pieces we’ve read and discussed for internal education.  We do not necessarily agree with all of them.

Anarchism Articulated: Who we are, what we want, what we do

Refusing to Wait: Anarchism and Intersectionality

Power Anywhere Where There’s People

Especifismo: The Anarchist Praxis of Building Popular Movements and Revolutionary Organization in South America

Precarious and Pissed Off: Lessons From the Montpelier Downtown Workers Union 2003-2005

Defining Practice: The Intermediate Level of Struggle and Organization

Class Classification and its Limitations

Wages Against Housework

Why Women Should Join Political Organizations

Towards a Family-Friendly Radical Movement: Intergenerational Liberation for All

The Case for Community Syndicalism

The Tyranny of Structurelessness

Towards Theory of Political Organization for Our Time

Part II

Part III

What in the Hell is a Cadre Organization?

From Mobilisation to “Massification”

Badiou on Negri and the Uniqueness of the Event

Love of Labour? Love of Labour Lost

Introduction to Zerowork I

Love and Rage on Race / White Supremacy

Noel Ignatiev – Black Worker / White Worker

Reading Group

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Anarchist Federation’s (UK) – Introduction to Anarchist Communism
The Anarchist Federation’s overview of anarchist communist politics, arguing what is basically wrong with the world we live in, how we can fight to improve it, and what kind of world is worth struggling for.

Discussion questions for the Intro to Anarchist Communism